Our newest creation: The BLACKxBLACK

by BOSS T October 20, 2016

Here's the First Glance at the new BLACKxBLACK Micro E-Nail.
Our first Micro E-Nail came with gold siding and a black top.  Then we came out with the extremely sleek all-gold version we call the GOLDxGOLD.  Now, just in time for Halloween we've come out with an all black version called BLACKxBLACK.
When we decided to come out with the BLACKxBLACK, we knew it was going to look impressive.  But after seeing how slick the black on black finished product turned out, we were ecstatic.  It may very well be our proudest product we've ever released.
The BLACKxBLACK is everything that BOSS Titanium stands for.  It's innovative, sleek, and affordable.  Choosing our Micro E-Nail as your next E-Nail compared to any other brands on the market is a smart buying decision.  Ours looks better, performs better, and fraction of the price of the average E-Nail on the market right now.  We urge you to do your research when buying an E-Nail and check out a wide variety of E-Nails; We're confident our new BLACKxBLACK will win you over.