BOSS Titanium 420 Sale is Live: Now thru 4/20

by BOSS T April 13, 2017

420 is rapidly approaching so now is the time to give you the best price on our Micro E-Nail.  Ever.

This 420 Sale is our biggest one yet, and we're discounting everything sitewide now through 4/20.  This sale includes our regularly $149.95 priced E-Nails for just $124.95 and we're shipping them with Free 2-Day Priority Mail to all U.S. customers.  If you've ever wanted to get an E-Nail, or you need to upgrade your current setup - now is the time to get hooked up with one of the best on the market.  The BOSS Micro.

EDIT 4/20/17: To say the last 72 hours has been anything less than intense would be a massive understatement.  We knew this year was going to be crazy, but we've sold out of a ton of items.  It's easier to say what it still in stock rather than what's sold out, so here's a list of E-Nails we still have for sale: Silver Unit with Flat Coil & 16mm Coil.  GOLDxGOLD Micro E-Nail with Flat Coil.

We're hoping to have full stock next week so definitely check back!


BOSS Micro E-Nail