BOSS Titanium May Day Savings Event

by BOSS T May 03, 2017

We hope you've all had a wild 4/20, because we definitely did.  This past 420 was by far our busiest one yet and we were simply blown away by the amount of new people joining the BOSS Titanium family.
Like most companies in our industry for 4/20, we were running a pretty big sale leading up to the Holiday.  However, before 4/20 actually hit, we were completely slammed with orders and ran out of stock of almost every item we sell.  We didn't even run any promotions or made posts to our IG page because we were flying out of stock and completely shifted our focus to making sure all orders were shipped as quickly as possible.
Now that we've had a couple weeks to breath and restock, we've decided to run the same exact sale as our 4/20 sale for the many people who missed out the first time around due to limited stock.
So what's so great about this May Day Sale?
Simply put, if you need an E-Nail and want the best on the market, now is the time to get hooked up with the killer price of $124.95 for any of our Micro E-Nails or Silver E-Nail.  Then we're also restarting our May Day Bundle Sale where you can choose from any of our E-Nails and pair it up with any of our inserts for just $149.95.  No promo code is needed to unlock either of these deals.  
Since you're buying directly from BOSS without any headshop middlemen, you're able to get hooked up with the sleekest E-Nail on the market for 1/3 of the price you'd pay at your local headshop!