About Us

Aesthetics - Performance - Reliability - Affordability


The mission of BOSS Titanium is simple: To be the very best at what we do.  Yes, that phrase is overused and sounds generic, but it's truly what we strive for.  We realize that we may not be the first to make E-Nails, titanium nails, or carb caps.  We also realize that there are some E-Nails on the market that are cheaper.  That's fine with us.  

We march to the beat of our own drum and do not follow what everyone else is doing.  Instead, we focus on delivering innovative products to the 710 community at the most affordable price possible.  Our direct to the consumer business model allows us to avoid high retail markups and sell directly to the general public at true wholesale prices.  Every purchase with us is a smart purchase.

Anything with our "BOSS" logo on it is a product you'll love for a long time.

For any inquiries please E-Mail us at bosstitanium710@gmail.com


6850 Main St. 

Williamsville, NY 14221