BOSS Micro V1.2: The Best Just Became Even Better.

by BOSS T November 19, 2015

It's been a few months since we released our new BOSS Micro E-Nail.  So far, we're extremely excited with how it's been performing as well as the feedback we've been getting from our customers.  We're very grateful for this significant increase in orders over the past month.  Word is rapidly spreading about us and we love it.  When we hear the phrase "life changing" getting used by our customers when describing the BOSS Micro E-Nail, then that means we must be doing something right.  

Little Changes that Count:

We've recently made a subtle change to our BOSS Micro E-Nail to improve the users' experience.  Everything is the same as our original unit except we changed the backside up a little bit:

BOSS Titanium Micro E-Nail Back Button Power On/Off

We moved the safety fuse from the backside to the interior of the unit.  Where the safety fuse used to be is now an on /off power switch that lights up when powered on.  We used to have an on/off switch on the power cable, but we prefer having the button on the back instead.  

Flat Coil Option Added:

One suggestion we've heard multiple times over the past couple months from our customers is to add the option of using a flat coil with our Micro:

Flat Coil for E-Nail BOSS Micro

We listened and we made it happen. Right now, we do not have a BOSS Insert to use with a flat coil, but we hope to develop a new insert in early 2016.

We're always open to hearing ideas on how to improve.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, shoot us an email to us at