The Last Carb Cap You'll Ever Need To Buy: Meet the Mul-Ti Carb Cap.

by BOSS T November 05, 2015


BOSS Mul-Ti Carb Cap

 The Last Carb Cap You'll Ever Need.

With the addition of Quartz Banger Inserts to our product line, we needed to come out with a Carb Cap that worked optimally with our banger style quartz nails as well as our domeless titanium nails and inserts.  Check out our new Mul-Ti Carb Cap.    

Use with Bangers and Inserts:

Titanium Carb Cap for Quartz Banbers Low Temp

We love using the Mul-Ti with our quartz bangers and our titanium inserts.  The flat side (shown above) works extremely well on any type of nail that requires a flat side to sit flush on the cup to achieve a tight seal for low temp vaping.

Use with Domeless Nails:

Titanium Carb Cap


 Here it is sitting on top of our BOSS Domeless Nail.  The Mul-Ti is appropriately named because it can be used multiple ways to achieve a good seal for low temp vaping on a variety nails. The cup is grooved so that it can fit around many domeless style nails on the market today.

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