Our New Quartz Banger Inserts for E-Nails

by BOSS T October 19, 2015

To wrap up 2015, we're pleased to announce the release of new Quartz Banger inserts for our E-Nails.

It all boils down to preference, but sometimes people prefer quartz over titanium. Quartz nails usually have a lower price tag than titanium, and some people like the taste of their essential oils off of quartz.  We had a lot of people reach out to us asking about selling quartz banger inserts to go along with our BOSS E-Nail.  We did it, and we're excited about them.

Here's what we like about 'em:

Ideal Thickness:

Our cup's thickness is thick enough to be a durable nail that'll be able to withstand high temperatures for long periods of time.  However, it's not too thick so that it'll take awhile to heat up.

Beefy Coil Hook:

The hook that goes perpendicular off the neck of a banger, acts as another layer of protection by keeping your coil stable and secure when wrapped around your cup.  A lot of other quartz inserts (even ones that go into the $200 range) have very thin hooks that are begging to be snapped off.  Ours are thick and beefy that will hold up longer than other variations.

Optional Carb Caps:

A good carb cap is a necessity if you want to dab your essential oils at lower temps to achieve tastier results.  These carb caps were specifically made to pair up with our bangers.  They fit perfectly on top of the cup and come with a carb hole.