BOSS Titanium Micro E-Nail Officially Ready for Shipment!

by BOSS T August 31, 2015

The greatest product we've come out with to date.

We teased the release of a Micro E-Nail a couple weeks ago, and fast forward to now, it's ready to ship.  We firmly believe the BOSS Micro is a true game changer within the E-Nail industry.  It's less than one inch thick and doesn't have any visible screws like all other E-Nail's on the market.  It's easily one of the most attractive looking electric nails ever released and preforms just as good as ones going for $600 or more.  If you've been on the fence about getting an E-Nail, now is a great time to get yourself hooked up with one at an extremely affordable price.

For more information, or to purchase our BOSS Micro E-Nail, please click here.