BOSS Micro E-Nail - Dropping 8-14-15

by BOSS T August 13, 2015

We're Constantly Improving...

Tomorrow, we're extremely excited to drop two brand new products.  Both of these products have been under development for months and we're thrilled to show them off to you.  Here's more info about them:


BOSS Micro E-Nail:

We set the bar very high with our first E-Nail that has quickly become one of the most popular E-Nails on the market today.  In order to top our original model, we had to come out with something that is truly remarkable.  Simply put, the Micro is a game changer. Not only do we think we've improved from our original design, but we confidently believe the BOSS Micro E-Nail will be unbeatable when you factor in design, performance, reliabillity, and price.  Yes that's quite the statement, but we’ll just have to wait for reviews to start coming in.


BOSS XL DabThrone:

The first product we ever came out with was our Original Domeless Titanium Nail.  This titanium nail has become one of the most popular nails on (a website that has the largest selection of titanium nails in the world.)  Our new XL DabThrone borrows a lot of the same features from our original, but has a massive cup that will be able to take a massive glob of essential oil at once without any overfilling or spillage.  This nail is beastly.  Stay tuned.