Check out our new 20mm E-Nail Titanium Insert

by BOSS T August 05, 2015

As we continue to grow and listen to our customer's feedback, the one thing we heard constantly was to come out with a BOSS Titanium 20mm E-nail insert.  Well guess what fam, we did.  And we're very proud with how it turned out.

A bigger brother to the 16mm:

We were able to borrow the same midsection and bottom pieces that are seen on both our 16mm version and torch style nails that everyone seems to love.  We spent a lot of time developing our original design to have a versatile 3in1 joint fitting, a midsection that reduces heat transfer, along with a cup that can handle large dabs of your concentrated essential oil.

What's different?:

The main difference is going to be in the nail's cup.  In order to properly work with a 20mm coil, we had to increase the diameter of the cup size from the 16mm version to fit the larger coil size.  The larger cup + a larger reservoir = more space for your concentrated essential oil.  Not a bad deal, right?  

Is bigger better?:

Not all cases.  During development, we tested out a lot of other E-nail inserts on the market and tweaked our design many times.  We found that some other brands actually had too big (too deep to be more specific) of a cup that lead to a lot of oil getting wasted and just pooling up in the bottom.  Wasted product is unacceptable in our minds.  

We believe hit the "sweet spot" in terms of cup size to satisfy the serious the demands of a serious "710" connissuer while still limited any potential product waste.

Have questions about our new 20mm?  Send us an email to and we'll get back to you promptly.