Kevlar Coils: Now a Standard with the BOSS E-Nail

by BOSS T July 07, 2015

Kevlar Coil for E-Nail

We're Pleased to Offer Black Kevlar Sheathing for our BOSS E-Nail.

Quick Specs:

  • 5-Pin Male XLR
  • 110V 200W
  • 12.7mm Coil Height (Standard Size)
  • Available in 16mm or 20mm versions
  • $59.95 w/ Free Shipping

Why Kevlar?

Kevlar is considered the best sheathing to have on your E-nail's coil.  It is extremely durable yet has a good amount of flexibility compared to stiffer sheathing.  It also does an excellent job of keeping the wiring protected.  

Will it work with other brands of E-nails?

Of course.  As long as your E-Nail has a 5-pin female XLR connector, our coil will work with your E-Nail.  

I need a replacement coil ASAP!  How long will it take to arrive?

Unlike a lot of our competition, all of our products are shipped from within the U.S. (NY to be exact) instead of China which can be expensive and take awhile to arrive.  We ship USPS and can sometimes arrive in your mailbox in just 2 business days.

Can I buy your coils separately from the BOSS E-Nail?

You bet!  Whether you're going the DIY route for your E-Nail and need a coil, or you need a replacement coil for your E-nail, we gotchya covered.  Here's the link to purchase them.

16mm Coils 20mm black kevlar