Reliablity of BOSS E-Nails

by BOSS T July 07, 2015



Even though it's still early on the game, we're pleased to announce that there has been ZERO defective/damaged BOSS E-Nails thus far. There's three big reasons why:

Quality Control:  Who wants their unit to be dead on arrival?  Nobody.  That's why we test every unit to make sure everything is operating perfectly before it reaches our customer.  To us, initial impressions are huge.  We do our best to make sure everything starts off on the right foot when you own a BOSS Titanium product.

Manufacturing:  We teamed up with a manufacturer with years of experience in manufacturing electronic heating units to make our exclusive E-Nails.  We have the manufacturing dialed in so that our E-Nails are built to our standard while still maintaning a low price.

Parts and Casing:  We want our units to last as long as possible so that's why we make sure our E-Nails are built from the best components available.  We had a customer reach out to us and say how the box we shipped the E-Nail in was completely damaged and crushed.  Despite the damage, our unit came out with no scratches or dents and worked perfectly.  He said our units are built like a tank!  If you have the opportunity to hold the BOSS E-Nail in your hand, you'll definitely be impressed by how solid it feels.