New BOSS Carb Cap Dabbers Available

by BOSS T May 08, 2015

(Dabbers from Left to Right: Flat Head, Halfmoon, Ballpoint)

BOSS Carb Caps

We're pleased to announce the expansion of new dabber styles that can be attached to our BOSS Carb Cap.  Our first dabber style was the Halfmoon which is simlar to the flat head style, but has a little more surface area for your essential oil.  The flat head is a favorite because it can hold a good amount of essentiall oil and allows you to be precise with where you dab product onto your hot nail.  The ballpoint has always been a popular choice among 710'ers because of its shape and ease of use.

Which One is Best?

Trick question. Dabbers are all about your preference.  Some people like particular dabber styles and dislike others.  A lot of it has to do with the consistency of your essential oil.  Some people like certain dabbers based on the oil they're using.  So go and test them out to see which dabber works best for you!