Our Newest Insert: The Quartz Origin.

by BOSS T May 24, 2016

Now with the 4/20 rush over with, we've been back at the drawing board coming up with ways to improve on our E-Nail.  Our latest focus has been on our quartz inserts.  We wanted to come up with a better design than the traditional banger insert.  Meet the BOSS Quartz Origin.

One of the main reasons why people love our titanium insert is because of the placement around the nail's cup.  For efficient vaporization, it's key for the coil to be wrapped around the cup of the nail instead of below it.  If the coil is too far away from the dabbing surface, you'll need to crank up the temperature of your E-Nail.  

With the Quartz Origin, we've found there is little heat lost from the coil to your dabbing surface especially when compared to other types of nails.  We also love the full length quartz downstem that will prevent the buildup around your rigs joints.  

The new Quartz Origin is just $29.95 and ships for free.  Click here for more info.