Meet the BOSS Micro E-Nail. 

We wanted to create an E-Nail that is best in class in terms of aesthetics, performance, reliability, and affordability.  After months of development, we can confidently say we nailed it.  Get ready, the new BOSS Micro E-Nail is about to shake up the E-Nail Industry. 


We take pride in our unit's unique design and we'll go as far as to say that the Micro is the most attractive looking E-Nail ever released.  It's under one inch tall and doesn't have any visible screws. Its slim design and two-tone color scheme with polished aluminum trim is unlike anything on the market today. The top is black brushed anodized aluminum with champagne gold anodized aluminum siding that features a laser engraved "BOSS Micro E-Nail" logo on the left side.


The BOSS Micro is designed to heat up fast and hold stable temperatures for hours at a time.  Each unit is programmed out of the box to heat up to 710 degrees farenheit which can be adjusted according to your needs.


We took a "no corners cut" approach when building our E-Nail to ensure perfect performance and a long lifetime.  All of the internal components used in the Micro is virtually the same as our original Silver E-Nail.  We've sold hundreds of our Silver unit in 2015 so far and have only had two units sent back to us for repair.


With a little bit of research you'll find some E-Nails that cost well over $500 dollars.  We find that ridiculous.  More often than not, low price correlates with low quality.  Luckily, that's not the case with our Micro.  By buying direct from us, we're able to avoid high retail markups from headshops.  It's a simple concept: less middlemen means you save.  You're essentially getting an E-Nail that would retail for $350 in stores directly from us at a fraction of the price.

Quick Features:

  • Comes Complete w/ E-Nail Unit, 16mm or 20mm Kevlar sheath Coil, Power Cord, and BOSS E-Nail Manual.
  • Dimensions: 5.1" Long - 3.2" Wide - Less than One Inch Thick.
  • 5 Pin Mini Male XLR.
  • Blue Digital Display + On/Off Button that Lights Up Blue.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

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