11/24 2:00pm est UPDATE: We've officially run out-of-stock of our GOLDxBLACK Micro E-Nail.  We still have a good amount of our BLACKxBLACK and GOLDxGOLD in stock for now.  Stay tuned for new updates.

Black Friday Sale: 

We have marked down everything on our website for Black Friday 2017.  We are offering out E-Nails for just $124.95 per unit.  It's easily been one of the most popular E-Nails on the market because of its performance, appearance, and reliability. Then for just $149.95 you can buy our Black Friday Bundle Deal where you get to choose from over 72 E-Nail and insert combos to create your own ultimate setup.  This is about $100 in savings.


What's Special About Us?:

The main thing that separates us from other brands of E-Nails and inserts is that we do not sell to headshops, instead, we sell directly to the customer.  Why does this matter to you?  By cutting out all retail middlemen, you're able to purchase products from us for essentially wholesale pricing.  If we did decide to sell to Headshops, our E-Nails would jump up into the $300 range, and our inserts would be just below the $100 mark.  That's why our E-Nails, inserts, and nails can compete favorably to similar products that are twice the price.  

We'll admit that there's only one main downside of this approach and it's the fact our product isn't seen by people who visit headshops.  A lot of consumers choose from the limited selection that's offered by their local headshop without doing much of their own research.  People don't realize that there are other options than the vastly overpriced "big names" or the generic bulky imported boxes with a company's sticker slapped on it. Luckily for us, our growth is primarily from word of mouth from our own customers who tell their friends and family that there's a superior option in the E-Nail industry.  We've bridged the gap and created a solution by offering one of the sleekest and reliable E-Nail's on the market for a surprisingly low price.  

What's Going to be Most Popular?:

We expect all of our E-Nails to be very popular as well as our Quartz and titanium inserts. We just came out with our newest E-Nail called the BLACKxBLACK that has become our most popular E-Nail we've ever sold.  It's the sleekest looking E-Nail on the market that comes with the reliability and performance you'd expect with a BOSS Micro E-Nail.  Here's some high res pics of the BLACKxBLACK:

If you have any questions prior to making an order, shoot us an email at and our BOSS Support Team will get back to you promptly. Happy Shopping!